Database backend as a service

Enjoy a full fledged database backend. No coding involved.

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Some of our features

Advanced search

Filters and search

Perform search on all your table columns or configure which fields are searchable. For complex queries, including date range for example, you can easily build custom queries and save them for later access.

Table relationships navigation

Do you follow standard conventions or have foreign keys defined? Relationships between your tables will be automatically discovered so you can easily explore and manage your data without ever thinking about primary keys.



Want your client or coworkers to have access to Adminium?
You can invite them to your project. Moreover, you can assign them roles and configure precisely on which tables they can see, edit or create data.

Enum values

You can map values from your database to human-readable labels for better rendering and easier filtering or edition.


There is a lot more! Check out the docs.

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I love #adminium for @HerokuPostgres! Great tool to admin your db.

Steven Wagner, Dealer Ignition

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Thx to @admi_nium for an awesome #herokuaddon and saving us a bunch of time on our backend admin dev, allowing us to focus on customer UX!

Paul Sobocinski, Commission Pitch

Works with both PostgreSQL and MySQL.
Available on Heroku as an add-on. Not on Heroku ? Please contact us.

Simple pricing, affordable for all

Pet Project


Limited to 5 tables

Heroku collaborators




No table limit

Heroku collaborators




No table limit

External collaborators

Roles and access control

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All plans come with full support. You can upgrade or downgrade anytime.